APrivacy Platform

The APrivacy Platform is built with security at the core and works across multiple data sets including document, email and messaging. APrivacy supports a wide variety of use cases providing seamless digital experiences over multiple channels. It removes the need for passwords and tokens, while meeting the necessary security and compliance requirements.

Horizontal Platform

APrivacy’s data-centric security platform is horizontal and works across multiple data sets. A multitude of different use cases are supported with a single security technology.

Data-Centric Security

APrivacy secures the data itself (at the byte level) using a patented key management process. Security is multi-channel and independent of the device.

Easy Implementation

APrivacy’s platform is highly flexible and can be easily deployed in the cloud or on-premise. APrivacy’s tech team can help advise identify the best approach for each project.

Seamless UX

APrivacy provides the ultimate seamless user experience as users can communicate and share information over their preferred channels without the need for password or token.


APrivacy’s security platform enables the secure transmission of data over any channel, making them compliant for business. It covers documents, emails, and messaging.

Flexible Integration

APrivacy’s highly flexible platform easily integrates with enterprise services such as active directory, archiving or DLP. Specific APIs are also available.

APrivacy Security

APrivacy brings an innovative data-centric approach to security. We secure data itself (at the byte level) making the security independent of the application or channel. Our patented key management process combined with end-to-end encryption and information control provide users with the ultimate security.
Innovative Key Management

APrivacy’s key management generates encryption keys on-demand so there are no certificates to manage. Solutions can be infinitely scaled with no additional overhead.

Data Agnostic

Our data-centric approach to security secures the data itself (at the byte level) whether it is document (agnostic of file type), email, or messaging.

Endpoint Encryption

APrivacy provides end-to-end encryption covering data at rest and in transit. The data is never stored in a decrypted state on end-points for maximum security.

Security Layer

APrivacy acts as a security layer that comes on top of any existing channels or applications. This allows the businesses to both choose the best tools and get the security needed.

Invisible Security

APrivacy is unique as it combines security and a seamless UX. The security is invisible for users, happening behind the scene and removing the need for passwords and tokens.

Control Features

APrivacy provides control features such as blocking copy, print, forward and the ability to remove access to a file, even after it has been downloaded.

Secure all digital client interactions seamlessly. No password, no token.