Securing the digital world.

Combining seamless data security with convenience for the financial services industry. No password, no token. Working over existing channels for the ultimate digital experience.

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Document Exchange

Meeting the strictest regulatory requirements.

Instant Messaging

Embeds the security within the information itself.


Seamless user experience on any platform or device.


Meet security, compliance, and digital expectations.

Customer Demand

Customers now demand to engage with their financial services providers over their favourite channels, on their preferred devices. APrivacy provides secure and seamless communications on any channel and any device, enhancing digital customer experience and maximising their engagement.
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Business Improvement

APrivacy’s unique technology provides security and compliance for any communication channel. We transform how financial services communicate so they can reach more customers and drive greater digital adoption. APrivacy streamlines processes and consolidates multiple security technologies, leading to cost savings and new revenues while reducing operational risks.

Multi-Channel Enablement

APrivacy’s technology empowers financial institutions to reach their customers over their preferred channels (email, chat, social, cloud) and preferred devices (mobile, tablet, laptop) maximising client engagement and revenue potential. We provide the expected digital experience demanded by today’s mobile savvy customers while meeting the strictest security and compliance requirements.

Technology Platform

APrivacy’s patented data-centric security technology addresses the constantly flowing nature of information by securing it at the data level. Wherever the data goes, the security follows it. APrivacy adds a security layer on top of existing applications, reinforcing the security of every byte of data while leveraging existing technology investments.

Secure all digital client interactions seamlessly. No password, no token.